Major Renegade Collection of mods

This list of mods is currently working with World of Warships client.

Install guide #1:
1. Copy res_mods folder from the mods you have downloaded.
2. Paste res_mods directly into C:/Games/Worldofwarships Folder.
3. Open game and you're good to go

Detailed install guide#2: 
just simply place the new/old mods into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/
1. Unzip your mod file.
2. in your unzipped mod folder. Go to res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder.
3. copy everything in res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder and paste it into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/
4. You're good to go, start up your game

Here are the mods to download. Stay calm and just download what you need.
[Hootorez] Original Crosshair  <Download size 327kb
[Hootorez] Tic-Tac Crosshair  <Download size 450kb
[Hootorez] Tic-Tac V.2 Crosshair  <Download size 800kb
[Major] Rainbow Crosshair V.1 <Download size 325kb
[Major] Rainbow Crosshair V.2 <Download size 325kb
[Major] Rainbow Web V.1 <Download size 598kb
[Major] Rainbow Web V.2 <Download size 551kb
[Major][V.1] Ship Icons    <Download size 1mb
[Major][V.2] Ship Icons   <Download size 1mb
[Major][V.3] Ship Icons  <Download size 1mb
[Major][V.4] Ship Icons  <Download size 1mb
[Major][V.5] Ship Icons   <Download size 1mb
[Major][V.6] Ship Icons   <Download size 1mb
[Major][MLP] Commander Crew  <Download Size 2mb
[Major][MLP] Flag mod    <Download size 2mb
No enemy Detected Voice mod <Download size 180kb
[Major][MLP] Voice Mod <Download Size 13mb
[Major][Star Wars] Voice Mod << Download Size 17mb
[Major] StarWars Laser gun mod <Download Size 4mb (unpacked size 253mb) (new)
[Major] StarWars Voice+Laser mod <Download Size 16mb (unpacked size 270mb) (new)
[Major]Family Guy Voice Mod <Download Size 31mb
[Major]Duke Nukem Voice Mod <<Download size 9.65mb
[Major][MLP] Pinkie Sense <Download Size 429kb
[Major] Trap Sense  <Download Size 425kb
[Major][MLP] User Interface Mod <Download Size 142mb     
[Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag <Download Size 826kb
(Chinese Server) Flag mod  <Download Link 2mb
[Major] Clear Vision <download size 2kb
[Major] Fog Remover <Download Size 103kb
[Major] Old Ribbons Mod <Download Size 1mb
[Major] Rainbow+Confetti Tracers <Download Size 12kb
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World of warships is the latest and highly graphical Battleships game. The game it self is very good in graphics, levels design, Ships designs are soo good in styles.
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