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April 26, 2017

Hakabase Modpack Installers [] 27/12/2017

Hello, World of warships Captains. The hakabase the developer of the mods had recently released the updated version of Mod pack with some new modifications. So download install and enjoy. Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.04 for wows ver updated on 27/dec/2017

Install 1. Select folder where is your WoWS installed 2. Select mod what you need from the mod list 3. click next…. then Install

Uninstalling Use uninstaller from the windows options

2017/12/24 #04 ↑ Shin Icon-Major V1~V3 (by MajorRenegade) + UI Pack-Kancolle Xmas (by Pravda Team) ↑ Camo-Splinter-Link problem fixed 2017/12/23 #03 ↑ Extended Tech-Tree (by MTA-Hibiki) ↑ Translation-TW, TW +EN (by [...]

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April 26, 2017

Hakabase Port Creations mod V1.6 for WOWS

Here the mods creator Hakabase had created mods for ship ports just download and enjoy them.

Modding the game does not need any rocket science skill as we are with you to make it very easy. You just need to follow the simple steps.

[0.6.x.x] Hakabase Port Creations V1.6 for WOWS

” The Moon” based on Kamir’s “Deep Space ”” Northern Star ” combines Algiz’s ” Deer Lip ” and WG’s ” Yokosuka ”

Install1. Download Mod file and Extract Zip File

2. Copycontent, gui, maps, spaces, system (folder)into your WOWS folderWorld_of_Warships\res_mods\0.5.x.x

Download link :

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April 10, 2017

Major Renegade Collection of mods

This list of mods is currently working with World of Warships client.

Install guide #1: 1. Copy res_mods folder from the mods you have downloaded. 2. Paste res_mods directly into C:/Games/Worldofwarships Folder. 3. Open game and you’re good to goDetailed install guide#2:  just simply place the new/old mods into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/ Unzip your mod file. 2. in your unzipped mod folder. Go to res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder. 3. copy everything in res_mods/(game version of that mod) folder and paste it into C:/Games/Worldofwarships/res_mods/ 4. You’re good to go, start up your gameHere are the mods [...]
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April 10, 2017

WG Modpack by Nikopower

Hello Warship captains Grab the mod and enjoy playing world of warships

Grab the mod pack through the link below support visit: WOWs official forums
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