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British Battleships Approached

British Battleships Approached

by World of Warships Modding StaffSeptember 23, 2017

The long-awaited branch of the British battleships approached. Below is a preview of what it has to offer: start to familiarize yourself with the branch, because you will soon see these ships on the high seas!

About the British battleships

British battleships have two distinctive features that make them ideal for mid-range battles: an improved “Repair Team” consumable and a higher penetration rate of explosive shells. Consider these consumables a little closer, and see what other advantages the British battleships have.

  • Repair Team restores more PS than on other battleships after receiving damage or suffering a fire or flood. Only the British battleship Premium Warspite has a “Repair Team” as effective.
  • Explosive shells with better penetration rate. This is advantageous when approaching an enemy or when retrieving PS from a distance.
  • Good shielding for ships of rank III to VI. The powerful British dreadnoughts and superdreadnoughts pave the way, with their armor and especially their battleship belt of prow.
  • Concealment of ships of rank VII and X. Ships of low rank are not very resistant, those of high rank enjoy a style of play mixing cunning and stealth. A good camouflage value offsets the low-armored areas and allows for many tactical maneuvers in battle.

These characteristics allow you to adopt a different style of play and tactics depending on the rank of the British battleship you play.

The game tactics for low-level ships are simple: go strong, even if you have to suffer damage. The decent explosive shells, the improved repair crew and the battleship belt of the bow will make this tactic more effective. But you should not relax and expose your flanks to enemy fire. Like most battleships of the same rank, only ships of rank V and above possess decent anti-aircraft guns.

In high ranks, the style of play is no longer strictly offensive. It is possible to position both in attack and defense, which makes the game more interesting and dynamic. The exceptional consumable, “Repair Team”, and the high penetration rate of explosive shells combine with a good concealment value, which is atypical for battleships. High-level battleships can approach an enemy without being spotted, shoot the first burst, cash enemy fire and retreat to recover most of their PS through Improved Repair Team. If you do not want to waste your time while activating Repair Team, you can shoot enemies with long-range explosive shells, but you will have to get used to ballistics.

In August, stay tuned: we will soon publish more details on each of the ships. And the icing on the cake, there will be 3 missions, 1 per week, which will allow you to advance towards the British battleships, before they even went out to receive them as soon as they arrived in game! The missions will be identical for all regions: on 9 August, keep a little  eye on the portal!

The following British battleships land in World of Warships:
  • Bellerophon of rank III
  • Orion of rank IV
  • Iron Duke of rank V
  • Queen Elizabeth of Rank VI
  • King George V of Range VII
  • Monarch of rank VIII
  • Lion of rank IX
  • Conqueror of rank X
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