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September 17, 2017

Smoke timer for Wows

A modified smoke timer in two different versions, this mod replaces the standard smoke timer, which in the opinion of the players is not very convenient.

Previously, in World of Warships there was no such timer, in connection with which this mod was created, but then the developers realized that the timer is necessary and put it into the game. That’s just done all the wrong way, so now the smoke timer for Wows is still relevant.

There are two options, differ only in appearance.

Update as of 09.09.17

Adaptation for the patch

Installation Select the desired option and copy the contents to the folder World of Warships / res_mods / [...]

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September 17, 2017

Damage Meter (Damage Indicator) for World of Warships

Since the damage counter was added to the game a very long time, the old fashion “damagometer” lost its relevance. But now we have a brand new damagometer, which is more functional than the damage counter that is in the game.

This damage log shows the total damage dealt, and also shows how much damage has been dealt to specific ships, simultaneously displaying their icons. Total mods remember and displays the last 5 ships you fired at. In addition, the counter shows how much damage was inflicted by the last shot.

Update as of September 15, 17

Adaptation for the patch

Installation 1) Create a copy of the file (you need to [...]

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September 17, 2017

The “Smart Markers” mod for World of Warships

Mod smart markers, as the name suggests, makes markers more informative, namely adds to them icons for repair, fire and torpedo launch. Thanks to this, you can for example see that your ally is on fire and hurry to help. Generally mod smart markers gives some advantages of team play, even playing alone. Players rarely shake hot keys of fast chat commands, playing each for himself. So this mod allows you to better understand the situation in your team, as well as the team of the enemy.

Smart markers display:

Fire indicator Torpedo start indicator (only for your team) Active consumables (also only for your team)

Update as of September 15, 17

Adaptation for the [...]
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September 8, 2017

Improved visibility of torpedoes with colors for

Quite a small fashion, which recolors the trail over the water from the torpedo in the color of “Turquoise”, making it much easier to see enemy torpedoes and react to them in time. Mod “Turquoise-S” does not affect the detection range of torpedoes in the World of Warships, only changes the color of the trace over the water. Also, a yellow version was added, so it was even easier to notice the torpedoes.

In the latest update of the mod, the color is replaced not only from the torpedo waves, but also from splashes when the projectile hits the water. Keep this in mind.

Update on August 31, 17

Adaptation for the patch [...]
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