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October 29, 2017

World of Warships: Steam release comming, players starting from scratch

On the 17th of November 2017 the time has come: Then World of Warships will be released on Steam. However, those who would like to jump into the air now with joy, we have to warn them. Because as simple as you would like to change from the in-house Wargaming client to Valves gaming platform, the transition, unfortunately, does not work. You are not allowed to take your game progress into the Steam version, but you have to start over completely.

As a reason that players on Steam cannot take their progress from their Wargaming account, the developers said: “World of Warships was not originally designed as a cross-platform project.” The two-game clients worked [...]

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October 25, 2017

Save Transylvania by expelling darkness in World of Warships for Halloween

Wargaming has announced the start of the Halloween event ‘A Sunray in the Darkness’ in World of Warships starting tomorrow, October 26. A year ago, commanders from all over the world joined forces to expel terror from the seas, when the sinister Rasputin and his hordes of Zikasas tried to take control of World of Warships. Although the brave captains managed to repel terror and expel him to his place of origin, no one in the community suspected that, throughout this year, the Rasputin has been planning his return … Players must fight to save Halloween and defend the living.

In the second mission, «A light in the darkness», the Transylvania returns [...]

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September 23, 2017

British Battleships Approached

The long-awaited branch of the British battleships approached. Below is a preview of what it has to offer: start to familiarize yourself with the branch, because you will soon see these ships on the high seas!

About the British battleships

British battleships have two distinctive features that make them ideal for mid-range battles: an improved “Repair Team” consumable and a higher penetration rate of explosive shells. Consider these consumables a little closer, and see what other advantages the British battleships have.

Repair Team restores more PS than on other battleships after receiving damage or suffering a fire or flood. Only the British battleship [...]
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