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La galissonniere Skin mod by Dracaxbro
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La galissonniere Skin mod by Dracaxbro

La Galissonniere a French cruiser in Tier IV.

The Tier VI Galissonniere has a main armament of nine 152mm cannons in three turrets with an AB-X turret configuration, as well as a double tube torpedo launcher on each side. Its main cannons have fast shell speed and decent range, along with a high fire probability for explosive shells of 152mm high at 12%. While recharging is slower than other 152mm cruisers, this high probability of fire makes it a threat to enemy ships, forcing them to use the Damage Control Party to put out fires or suffer great damage. Their armor piercing rounds are decent in the short ranks and the immersion fire citadels are possible while their torpedoes are different from most of the cruisers at this level with a base range of 9.0 km and only Two tubes per side. Instead of a blank self-defense weapon capable of wiping out full health battleships, the torpedoes of La Galissonniere are more long-range harassment and denial-area weapons, good for throwing around the islands and into the shells with The hope of hitting unprepared enemies.

Dracaxbro skin for La Galissonniere

Download the Skin here


Download And Install

Download the skin from the above download link

  • Extract the zip and copy it to the below location
  • Check where the game is installed and search for the res-mods folder.
  • Check for the latest version and paste the content in it.
  • That’s it It’s done. Now open the game and Rock the Ship.

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