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Save Transylvania by expelling darkness in World of Warships for Halloween

Wargaming has announced the start of the Halloween event ‘A Sunray in the Darkness’ in World of Warships starting tomorrow, October 26. A year ago, commanders from all over the world joined forces to expel terror from the seas, when the sinister Rasputin and his hordes of Zikasas tried to take control of World of Warships. Although the brave captains managed to repel terror and expel him to his place of origin, no one in the community suspected that, throughout this year, the Rasputin has been planning his return … Players must fight to save Halloween and defend the living.

In the second mission, «A light in the darkness», the Transylvania returns once again to active service. Once again, the commanders must head for the Lanza de Plata archipelago and send the forces of darkness to the bottom of the seas, at the helm of four totally new themed Halloween ships.

The Urashima destroyer with commander Mina Hurray in command, the cruiser Svyatozar of commander Ivan K. Ulibin, the battleship Magnu-S of commander Klaus V. Teslau and the aircraft carrier Nobilium of commander Lazarus Centurio will be available to help the players in their fight. In addition, each of these new ships of your port will be equipped with a special consumable that will not only affect you but also the enemy. Take to the sea at the helm of these ships and discover which one best allows you to destroy the hordes of enemy ships.

On this occasion, you will have watchtowers to help you. You should protect them and make sure that the portal to the other dimension is sealed forever. Until then, enemy forces will come out of him in great numbers, and a sinister, incapacitating fog will spread over the seas. This fog not only diminishes the health, sighting capacity and detectability of your ships, but also repairs the enemy ships, so you must sink the enemy at full speed. The mission is to save the towers, defeat the Rasputin and a new threat, the Gorgon, and eliminate all enemies to save the Transylvania.

To complete their mission successfully and also meet special objectives, commanders will receive a number of stars that, in addition to generating a rank, will give them access to spectacular rewards. Thus, players can enjoy the special Halloween camouflage, a lot of free experience, premium account time and many other rewards. Very scared will have to be the commanders to miss this terrifying event.

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