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Detail of a lithograph by John Skinner Prout showing the Cascades Female FactoryFemale factories in Australia housed convict women who were awaiting asment, pregnant or undergoing punishment. They were called factories because the women were expected to Big tits ladies from Beulah Michigan and because they also employed free working women.

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Task work was established in female factories inrequiring the occupants to do chores, needle-work and washing. If extra work was done, the convict's sentence might be shortened.

Conditions in these factories were miserable. In the Parramatta female factory the occupants were not given mattresses or blankets to sleep on and the social conditions inside were indecent. The factory had Bangor sex ladies for only a third of the female prisoners; the rest had to find lodgings with the local settlers at some cost Free xxx Windsor about four shillings a week.

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Their customers were usually the male convicts who came and left the factory as they pleased. In Macquarie had ex-convict Francis Greenway create a new de for the factory.

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This new de had the inmates divided into three : the "general", "merit" and "crime" class. The "merit" or first class comprised women who had been well behaved for at least six months and women who had recently arrived from England.

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These girls were eligible to marry and eligible for asment. The second or "general" class was made up of women who were sentenced for minor offences and could be transferred to the first class after a period of probation.

This class Woman fucked by st Gulfport Mississippi of many women who had become pregnant during their ased service.

The factory at Parramatta was a source of wives for settlers and emancipated Women looking for sex in Pasadena. With a written permit from the Reverend Samuel Marsden and a written note to the matrona bachelor could take his pick of a willing "factory lass.


It was the objective of the British government to establish a colony in Australia rather than have it remain as a penal settlement. This compelled the government to send more women to Australia as a way of establishing a native population.

On the arrival of 'female' ships, colonists would swarm to the dock to bargain for a servant. High-ranking officers had first pick.

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Some women were taken as mistressesothers as servants. There were no legal ties for these asments, so a settler could dismiss a convict woman freely.

When this did occur, it created a class of woman who often resorted to prostitution in order to feed and house themselves properly. Male convicts had the chance to select a bride from the female factories by a system called 'convict courtship'.

The male convicts came to the female factories to inspect the women, who had to Women over 40 nude porn China up for the occasion.

If the male convict saw a woman that he liked, he made a motion at her to al that he wanted to choose.

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Most women accepted the offering. This process was often described as similar to the one in which slaves were selected.

If a woman were to have a relationship out of wedlockMarsden considered this whoredom. Many couples lived and cohabited together monogamously Yonkers New York tn swingers being officially married, yet these women were recorded as being prostitutes. The women were scarred from being convicted and could not redeem their status because it differed so greatly from the British ideal of a woman, who was virtuous, polite and a woman of the family.

List of notable convict women[ edit ].