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World of Warships Mods #All types of game WOW mods#

World of Warships Mods #All types of game WOW mods#

Hello friends do you like playing war games like World of Warships but you are unable to play the game perfectly then don’t feel. we are with you we help you with World of Warships mods with all types of modding. So the game will be pretty easy and friendly as you like. With WOW mods every player has a chance to upgrade their game before an official version. Are you interested? Then scroll down and gather information of World of Warships mods downloads and follow the steps – it is very easy and quick. Now don’t worry about the expenses – World of Warships mods are free of cost so everyone can make use of them and have a fun. There is no choice of  hesitations because WoW mods will definitely make your game more interesting with fun. No one in world can refuse to add extra features without a single penny? That’s why WoW mods are ready for you! Our suggested WoW mods free list will surprise you: new options and modifications will make your ship battles much more thrilling! just scroll and read all contents of page to be more advantages. Modding the game does not need any rocket science skill as we are with you to make it very easy. You just need to follow the simple steps given below.

World of warships mods

World of Warships Mods

1. Hakabase mod for WOW Ver:

Steps to mod.
  • Install the Game World of warships. If not download it and install.
  • Now Download the mod through the link provided below.
  • Extract the zip file to computer and install it.[Note: Install mod after game install only.]
  • During installation you can install custom required mods also by checkbox.
  • After installing a mod click Finish.
  • Now launch the game and enjoy.
You can uninstall through the basic uninstaller from the control panel.
Update log

—-upd Gun Sound-Star War V2(by MajorRenegade)
—-upd lower Ribbons position when install shiplist
—-upd Ship Icon-Kancolle V1.3.12(by Pravda team)
—-upd Ship preview-Kancolle V1.3.10(by pravda team)
—-upd UI Pack-Kacolle x4 (by Pravda Team)

Mod Download Link:!BzhxSbaS!cBwXFeumjs6YXdM7_kcyAk8764oYG9CswA-0s1JF2r8
(copy the link and paste in the new window to download)

2.Compress Textures mod of World of warships mods for slow pc and with out SSD.

 Is WOW not playable or getting very low frame rate so that you cant even play. Then this mod is for you. In this WOW mod Textures are compressed to 50, 25 and 12.5% of their original compression and you can install all of them or separately for environment or ships. New compressed textures do not change original WoW textures – they are installed in res_mods folder.

Developer has measured WoW loading times of port after login into game with and without using compressed textures on his home computer and here are his results:

Clean client – 43 seconds
25% quality of textures – 27 seconds
12.5% quality of textures – 11 seconds

Faster game/battle loading
Faster port loading after login/battle
Faster ship switching in port
Fewer lags caused by loading graphic elements during battle
Consuming less computer resources than original client
Lower graphics quality (depends on quality of used compressed textures)
Conclusion: It is a very good package for players with weaker computers, especially without SSD or with small amount of RAM/graphics memory. To players with powerful computers this package will not bring a real benefit.
Installation: Unpack downloaded archive into appropriate folder in res_mods
Textures for ships are stored in “World_of_Warshipsres_mods.4.1contentgameplay”. In all other folders are being stored environment textures.
It is highly recommended to switch-off your internet browser during playing WoWs. Internet browser can drastically decrease performance of your computer.
If you think that after installation of textures all is in dark colors as during a late twilight then switch off “Post Processing” in game settings.
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