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World of Warships: Steam release comming, players starting from scratch

World of Warships: Steam release comming, players starting from scratch

World of Warships will be released on Steam on November 15, 2017 - a cause for delight for many fans of the multiplayer game. However, changers must start over completely and may not take over their progress from the Wargaming account. You can read the reasons for this and all other details about the Steam release here in our News.

On the 17th of November 2017 the time has come: Then World of Warships will be released on Steam. However, those who would like to jump into the air now with joy, we have to warn them. Because as simple as you would like to change from the in-house Wargaming client to Valves gaming platform, the transition, unfortunately, does not work. You are not allowed to take your game progress into the Steam version, but you have to start over completely.

As a reason that players on Steam cannot take their progress from their Wargaming account, the developers said: “World of Warships was not originally designed as a cross-platform project.” The two-game clients worked separately and can only be updated separately. However, users of both clients are playing in the same server pool, so you can play together as a new or upgraded friend with friends who use the Wargaming client. Wargaming also announced the following details about the Steam release:

  • New content is available for both clients at the same time, both versions are completely identical in content.
  • If you log in via Steam, the game will create a new account based on the server you have chosen. If you want to change the server, you will get another account.
  • You do not have to enter separate account details when playing on Steam. You can also choose a nickname regardless of your Steam account name.
  • Steam Achievements should find their way into the game with later patches.
  • If you want to buy content in the Premium Shop, use your Steam Wallet as a central payment method.

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